YouTube Down Today In India। But Why? (Reasons)

If you are also not able to play any YouTube video in your YouTube app, then you should know that YouTube is down today and not only the YouTube all the apps from the Google are crashing today.

I just got the information.

Actually all the apps from Google like Gmail

YouTube not able to play videos in India right now

maybe it is only in India but they may be chances of not able to play videos in other countries also.

So here’s a question for you guys if you are also not able to play videos outside of India

Then you guys can comment right now in this post comment section.

and her now I will give you guys some reasons about it because this could be happen by all of these reasons which I am telling you guys.

maybe all of you guys are knowing that YouTube is trying to getting more and more features in the YouTube app and also Gmail because team is also a daily essential thing for many people that’s why maybe the Staging process is creating this kind of crashes or the YouTube is trying something new in their algorithm all the features of the YouTube app and maybe because of this the YouTube app is not able to play videos right now in India and may be out of India also

This could also help them because of the network issues may be the network issues can create this kind of things the reasons are Infinity but if I think of that I think this is the Staging process which YouTube is using to add more features in their YouTube app. So I don’t think you guys have to take any worry of the because YouTube mic doing that and also the Google is trying to Do something with duplex, which is there next gen artificial intelligence system which is capable to do many things so maybe they are testing that this can also be a reason for that so I just don’t tik Any word for YouTube app it will start playing videos in just a matter of minutes or hour.

I hope this information is good enough for all of you guys and maybe it will help you. So thanks for reading and if you have any suggestions Bhumi you should comment. Hindi comment box

What do you think?

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