(Important) See How To Save Your PC Against Cyber Attack In 2020

Save Your PC Against Cyber Attack

In this digital era, malware protection is an indispensable need of our computer. Every day, thousands of viruses are being created by hackers in order to damage your computer or to steal private information. Every transaction we make, our personal documents, social media ids are in threat until it is protected by an increased level of security. Here are some tips which will help you make your computer less vulnerable to such cyber attacks.

Remove Anonymous Emails

If you are getting mails from unknown resources every day, do not mull over it. Simply delete it from your list. If you have started reading and found it suspicious about its name and subject, do not ever download or open files attached to it. Big companies who you subscribe online would not likely send attachments to you except you purposely request for them through their website. Moreover, be cautious against mails which act as if they are from legitimate form auction, bank sites, etc or stating that you have won a free vacation or loads of money in few night  are a type of disguised mails sent to play with user’s emotions.

Installing an Anti-Virus Software

Believe it; buying an antivirus is very important investment you need to make. Antivirus softwares are designed to prevent and remove malware from your devices. There our programs that are available for free, but not all of them are good to consider. Also, do not go for most expensive in the list. Bitdefender, Kaspersky, Avira, Panda are some of the best antivirus software overall. However, you can go and check for free trials, bitdefender coupon code, discounts, price, features and security level available to check its usability for your PC. One may also note that, it is seen that antivirus programs are the only one sharing your information. If you feel like it, do not get afraid to contact a lawyer or clear your doubts directly with company executives.

Do not click on Ads which looks mysterious

Ads have become a new and interactive way to indulge people in online trap. Try to stay away from ads on any malicious sites, especially the ones which from nowhere directly lands on your computer screen and stating in beautiful and bright colors you have won some prize.

Use a Complex Password for Login

You must always set a password to login to your computer. Moreover, make sure that you choose a complex password for every account that you create, whether it is on social media or somewhere else. By complex, it means that the password you set should have an upper and lower case characters, symbols so as it is tough for the hacker to crack it down.

Use encryption when possible

Encrypting your computer’s hard drive can be of great advantage for you. Even when hacker has become successful in stealing your information, he will never be able to open it if your hard drive is encrypted. You can simply encrypt your USB flash drive, OS or Windows hard drive, web traffic with use of VPN.

Final words: We all know that in todays world, there are many scammers are on internet to trap people like you and me. So if we want to save our personal file from them. Then we have to make sure to apply all the tips on our daily life.

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