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Movie Piracy Killed By AI Machine Learning

AI on movie piracy

Hey Am Rohan Chaudhary,

It’s my first blog for my new blog series (THE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE ERA).

And today we are talkig on:


We all know that the movie piracy was one of the problems for the production houses.

All because of movie piracy was creating a barrier for movie producers to earn the true potential of their work.

Before 2020, the movie piracy sites like Tamilrocker, Mp4Movies and more site like these were the headache for the movie producers and the distribution companies.

Tamilrockers was like leader in leaking full length movies and leaking the pirated versions of almost all the movies on day of its release.

But, after google (primarily) & other search engines got reports of that. Google’s search AI started detecting all these kind of sites, which were reported by the distribution companies.

And why Artificial Intelligence was important in that detection process?

It’s all because, There are many blog, News Sites and many pages having words like KGF Chapter 2 Full Movie Download” or you say “movies downloading” words in it.

But all these sites was just for giving information & NEWS on multiple thing and was not for providing movie downloading links.

So Artificial Intelligence helped in finding the exact sites, which were providing links of pirated movies and google & other search engines started deindexing these sites.

And now almost all movie piracy sites are deindexed from google, and some are hidden on internet.

So now I have a question to you and I think you should answer that.

What do you think about the movies piracy? and have you been in downloaded any pirated movie in a while?

and hope you guys liked the information on AI in Movie Piracy. If yes, then please share this information with your friends & on social media handles like facebook, twitter etc.

Thank You For Reading.

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