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Friends, if you have ever uploaded any kind of data from your mobile phone online using Google Drive so that you can access and view it at a later time and if you are addicted to this thing.  But you people are facing a problem that after the storage of 15gb of Google Drive which is full, you do not have more cloud storage available now inside Google Drive for online storage.

To give a solution to your problem,  NITI Aayog of India has started a new online data asset management service.

 The name of this service is Digiboxx, in this service you will be able to store your digital data for online storage, just like you used to keep all your data in Google Drive as cloud storage.

Where you got only 15 GB of storage space. Now up to 25 GB online cloud storage will be given free in the DigiBoxx Cloud Storage over there in their free usage plan.

 And not only that, you can use this service to buy online cloud storage at very cheap prices. Digiboxx most affordable plan starts from ₹30/month, in which you will get 2048 GB i.e. 2 terabytes.

The digiboxx cloud storage service will Help you in many ways and they have around 12 fascinating features which can help you save a lot of time and provide hassle free cloud storage. 

Here are some features of Digiboxx cloud storage services

Features Of DigiBoxx Cloud Storage Service

#1. On-demand and real-time access and editing of the cloud storage which you have uploaded online on Reggie box cloud storage service. 

#2. Apply metadata smartly for easy search : This features allows your team to make advanced searches in a blink of an eye so they can find all the data which you or your team have stored on the cloud storage service of Digi box. 

#3.  DigiBoxx Cloud Storage allows you to upload multiple file formats and sizes. DigiBoxx supports videos, images or documents presentations and almost any kind of uploads support, which you want from them. 

#4.  DigiBoxx allows you and helps you to organize assets for simple workflow. This feature will help you to doing your work simultaneously and you will be able to do everything very hassle-free.

#5. Easy cross functional and external sharing feature gives you the power to share your data with your clients and in a secured collaboration service, which will be integrated to all Digi box plans, even if it’s free plan. 

#6. If you’re trying to share some data to any colleague or any client, then they have to request you and you can approve the request to access the data for Accessing data at your customer client or any employee end. 

#7. Customize your brand management platforms look: DigiBoxx helps you managing your Brand look on DigiBoxx. if you want your Digiboxx to be look like as a part of your brand universe, this option will help you doing that. It incorporates it into your brand or website page. So people sees your cloud storage as a part of your own brand or your website. 

#8. Create multiple custom workflow for multiple brands: If you want to take care of your workflow, then this feature will help you to know that which job is assigned to which employee or staff you have and which Work is done and which is overdue in just some easy-to-follow workflows. 

#9. Track brand asset performance and reports: If you want to track and manage the assets, which you uploaded on the digi box cloud storage, then it will give you a hundred percent control over every activity on your admin console where you can track assets and analyze their performances and You can see all the activities which has been done by you or your employees at a single place. So you can manage everything on a single page. 

#10. Keep your marketing IP secure: This feature allows you to add watermarks to confidential files or choose from several permissions options. Only the right people can see the right acid. It will help you to protect your intellectual properties. So no one can steal them from you and you will get a hassle-free experience with the digi box cloud storage service. 

#11. As I mentioned in all features the powerful Asset Management tools which saves a lot of time for you so you can do bulk editing to your dupliate versions of file and create different versions of the same file to track edits 

By doing this will help you to manage all the edits and you can see which data is edited and which is not 

#12. This feature is mostly usable because this feature will give you notifications of changes updates and file requests. So you can get to know who is editing your assets or who is requesting you to get access to all your uploads.

So this was some cool features by the DigiBoxx Cloud Storage service. And now I am going to give you some more information on this particular cloud storage service, which can help you to know better about this digiboxx

More About Digiboxx

So first of all, I think you should know that DigiBoxx is an intelligent Indian digital file storage and sharing platform, which is secured and fast also easy on the pocket. It means it’s way cheaper than other idian cloud storage services, which we have current in India currently.

And this cloud storage service is from me NITI AYOG (National Institution for Transforming India) from the government of India. So this all is to promote Vocal for local initiative and as per the website of Digiboxx cloud storage services. They say that they built a robust technology which is world-class and yet keeps in mind the Flavors of Indians.

Which actually means is that Digiboxx service is trying to be cheaper than other players in the market, but also having great technology with them and give people hassle-free experience. So they can manage their Online assets for there any kind of online activities like online Goods selling which doesn’t need to be delivered offline. 

Digiboxx Pricing

So if we talk about Digiboxx pricing, then we have for plans which differs on Monthly and yearly subscriptions.

DigiBoxx Free Usage Plan

It means if you want to use it for DigiBoxx free plan, then you have 20 GB space and a Max upload size is 2 GB at a single time, which is for single user and unlimited external collaborators, which also has Gmail integration Plus. Real-time collaboration and web preview of your storage which is totally SSL secured. 

DigiBoxx Individual / Digiboxx Freelancer Plan

And after that there’s a plan for individuals / Fleer answers which starts from 30 rupees per month where you can create your own secure inbox share on Choice with single user. And unlimited external collaborators up to two terabytes of space and 10gb Max upload file size add a single time and all these have Gmail integration. Zip plus real-time collaborations with web preview and SSL secure. 

Digioxx SMBs Plan

And after this the third plan is for smbs which stands for small businesses and here you will get up to 500 users. Plus unlimited external collaborators With up to 25 terabytes of space. With 10gb Max upload file size at single time and all options from first two plans with additionally having automated backups plus user management plus platform training, which is optional. If you want to take you can take plus ability to set file-share expiry so you can set an expiry time for a particular file. 

This feature can help you doing some giveaways and other kinds of stuff which can be set for an expiry. 

DigiBoxx Enterprise Plan

And after all of this, they have customized Enterprise plan for which you have to call the pre sales team to get your customized offer because this is for Enterprises, which is having 501 plus user. It means you can have unlimited users and unlimited external Is whatever you want is to be discussed with the pre-sales team where you will be getting no Max file size for upload. You can upload any size of data at a single time where you will get some more. Or features which will be given you by the pre-sales team after you get a quote for the service for your Enterprise company. So these were the price plans for the digiboxx clouds storage services.

Conclusion For DigiBoxx Online Cloud Storeage Space

So here we are on a conclusion DigiBoxx cloud storage services. 

So there’s as of now, which I’ve been seen. In the Digiboxx Online Storage Service website and how I am using is it’s not that good as the Google drive. But because it’s a start then I would like to say that it’s a good start for India’s own digital Asset Management Service

Currently the website is not working that well, and if you want to upload your data, so I would like to say that if you want to use this service, then you should use this service for uploading those data, which you don’t think that if you lose you will lose some value document. 

It’s like if you have a movie that you don’t want to lose currently. But that doesn’t matter if you lose you will not get hurt. Then you should upload on it. But if you want your valued data to be safely stored on a cloud storage than maybe Google Drive is more satisfying way for that.

Just as of I used the Free DigiBoxx Online storage services. This is not that fast as Google Drive and it’s also relatively laggy. 

Google Drive is better option. For now, but in the future, maybe the Digiboxx will evolve and it will be a good choice to store your data on Indian servers. 

So far better choice, it’s up to you. If you want a fast storage and hassle-free experience for now. You can go with Google drive storage. Even if you’re getting a low storage there, but if you want to For any data for a long time and you don’t get hurt if you lose it. Then you can try DigiBox.

Now that’s all from me guy. I hope you find this article helping. If yes, please share it to your social media like Facebook, Whatsapp, and etc. and comment your experience below in comment section..

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