Youtube Thumbnails: Guide For Catchy Thumbnails

Guys,  If you finding best YouTube thumbnail guide so you can make your YouTube thumbnails epic.  then you in the right place because it today I am going to teach you how you can get a perfect YouTube thumbnail size and a perfect YouTube thumbnail for your YouTube videos.

And also by this article, I will defeat all those people who taught you the wrong ways of a thumbnail making because there are many myths in your mind about YouTube thumbnail and YouTube thumbnail sizes.

So please be patient and read this full article so you can get to know about YouTube thumbnails and YouTube thumbnail sizes with some great quality information by me for you all. so your youtube thumbnails look great and catchy.  and I think this will help you to grow your YouTube channel and increase your YouTube views and subscribers.

So before we start making a YouTube thumbnail I would like to inform you about all things you need to make an epic catchy thumbnail for your YouTube videos to increase your YouTube views and subscribers are written below.

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How To make Youtube Thumbnails?

This article contains everything about YouTube thumbnails. so if you want your answer for a specific question then please find your query in this article because I have written the full process of a thumbnail making and this article might be a little bit long so please be patient to read this article.

The thumbnail making process starts with the thumbnails size selection.

Youtube Thumbnails Size

For selecting an ideal youtube thumbnail size you have to know about the viewing sizes of YouTube thumbnails in different types of devices. like mobile phones,  desktop, and the latest Android TV’s.

So now I am going to burst a myth from your mind.

Every YouTubers these days are saying that  720p YouTube thumbnails are best and ideal thumbnails for YouTube videos.

But, but, but, This is truly wrong.
Because the size of 720p is only made for mobile phones YouTube app and YouTube thumbnail for Android.
The real thumbnail size of a YouTube thumbnail has to be of 1080p HD.
Because when a 720p YouTube thumbnail shows in a desktop PC or a laptop,  and in an Android TV.

The pixels of 720p gets to rip up on big screens.
That’s why I only use 1080p YouTube thumbnails for my YouTube videos and you should do this for your own YouTube thumbnails.
And also the 1080p YouTube thumbnails are HD thumbnails.
So that’s why,  whenever my views see my YouTube thumbnails on a big screen like laptop desktop or Android TV.
They can view the thumbnail very clearly.
And this helps them to understand that what is my content in the particular video.

YouTube thumbnail background

To select an epic looking YouTube thumbnail background is all about to select Non-YouTube colour or a real-life place image. But,

what are non-YouTube colours?

So the meaning of non-YouTube colour is the colours which are not presented in the YouTube app or YouTube website.
Like,  YouTube has three majority colours.(Red, White, Black)
And if you want a good looking catchy thumbnail so you have to use non-YouTube colours like( green, blue, yellow and some other colours which can look catchy and interesting)
So you can use these all colours to make your youtube thumbnail background.
And now you have to choose some awesome looking fonts for your youtube thumbnails.
But You have to choose a font relevant to your content.Because the font also needs relevancy for your content.
As an example, If your content is related to photography, Then you have to choose a very designer font for your thumbnails.
But, If You have Content Related to Technology, Then you have to choose a very clear and readable font for your thumbnails. Because when you publish your tech-related content, then it has to be readable to anyone. Like As a 6th standard student can read that words in your youtube thumbnails.

Best fonts for YouTube thumbnail

Guys if you finding some best fonts for YouTube thumbnail then please search on Google for some cool fonts.  and don’t worry about fonts prices. because most of the font is free.
Then use them into your YouTube thumbnails.
For Fonts For Youtube Pleaase click Here

Youtube thumbnail maker free apps for Android

If you want to choose a thumbnail making app for your Android mobile phone then you can go with two apps which are PicsArt and pixel lab.
These two apps are great ways to make a YouTube thumbnail for your YouTube videos on your Android mobile phone.

PicsArt App

Picsart photo editer
PicsArt App

Picsart is a photo editing app for everyone.  anyone can edit their photos buy this app. you don’t have to pay to use it.  but if you want some cool features, templates, fonts, and editing tutorials. then you can do in app purchases to buy any specific feature or something to use it.

Pixel Lab App

Pixel Lab is a photo editing app for Android mobile phones.  by this app, you can make awesome looking YouTube thumbnails.  this app is very easy to use and this app totally works on the basics of YouTube thumbnails.  this app doesn’t have own templates.

this app is fully manual controllable,  and you can make some Epic looking YouTube thumbnails by this. both apps are available on Play Store so please download and install them on your mobile phone. Because if we use a single app,  like if you want to use the only PicsArt or you want to use the only pixellab then you can’t make awesome thumbnails for your YouTube videos. because I use both of them and you should too.

when I use both apps at the same time then I see some difference between both apps.
Like,  some features in picsart app are good and some features of pixel lab are good.
And when we use both of them.
Then they create great YouTube thumbnails.

So guys now we can start making a YouTube thumbnail from YouTube thumbnail maker apps without a mobile phone.
But,  before making a YouTube thumbnail for your YouTube videos you have to analyze what is your content you are going to upload.
if you want to upload a photography related video then you have to use only PicsArt but if you want some YouTube thumbnails for your DIY  stuff making videos or any educational and tech-related YouTube video.
then I would like to suggest you use pixel lab app as your YouTube thumbnail maker.
So if you have selected your ideal YouTube thumbnail maker app. then open it and start making YouTube thumbnail.

So I think now you have learnt the steps to make YouTube thumbnail with these apps.
and now you can make YouTube thumbnails for your YouTube videos.  but always analyze your content for your YouTube thumbnail before making any custom thumbnail for your YouTube videos.
because if your thumbnail is not catchy then your videos will never viral on YouTube.
A  catchy YouTube thumbnail attract people to your video to click the thumbnail and watch your video.
but please also make sure that your content is good and sticky.
so people will give you more and more watch time and your videos will perform great and you will get more subscribers daily.


So guys if you think that I have helped you to make YouTube thumbnails with these easy YouTube thumbnail maker apps.  then please share this article on your social media handles so others can also read this. and you want me to write on a specific topic for you all time please comment now because I am here to help you with all of your problems on the internet.  like everything in digital marketing, AdSense, blogger, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media handles. and also make sure to subscribe to our email subscription to get notified for every single article to be updated about all the internet tips and tricks.
so till then,

Jai Hind…..

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