2000$ Crazy Apple AR & VR Headsets

Hey guys, my name is Rohan Chaudhary. And today we’re going to talk about Apple’s own augmented reality and virtual reality headsets to be launched in the market in the first or maybe second quarter of 2022, and I think you guys too exited for that.

And want to see how Google or Apple compete in the metaverse market or we say the virtual reality Market, because apple is claiming that they can make a pair of glasses which can be look like normal glasses, but they can be a augmented reality glasses and they also making the

Slimmest virtual reality headset so people can wear their augment or maybe virtual reality headset.

How Apple AR & VR will be different from Google glasses?

As we all know, Google is an internet company. So that is why Google is obviously making their virtual reality headsets. And we have also seen the Google Glasses where Google is allowing us to use their glasses for augment reality.

But Apple is also making their own augmented reality glasses and virtual reality headsets where the Apple announced that they will be launching.

250,000 Pair of virtual reality headsets in the 2022.

Apple Aungment Reality Glasses Release date

And They also will be making augmented reality glasses, which can look like normal glasses, but they will have the augment reality feature and that could be in Market around 2025.

I know 2025 is really, really very late time for metaverse era. But yeah, this is it What it is. And what Apple saying.

If I talk about Apple’s virtual reality headset, that is claimed by Apple for being the slimmest virtual reality headset, which will be using mini OLED screens. So you guys don’t need to have much larger headsets.

And they also say that the virtual reality headset will work with your iPhone as a brain because if they add chips and processes in the virtual reality headset, then it may require more battery and will become more heavy. If they connect your smartphone to do all the searching and surfing, then the headset will be slim and Lighter than others.

And after the virtual reality headset, the Apple shown their glasses with Augmented reality will be look-alike normal glasses, but have the feature of augmented reality where you can interact with your computer and your devices floating in the air and also can interact in real life with real objects.

Till now we just have these information about Apple, augmented reality and virtual reality headsets. And in 2022, they will be launching 250,000 headsets For virtual reality.

Where All there stores Worldwide of Apple’s, having only one pair of headsets for each day to be sold.

So that is why I think that there will be huge prices in offline market for this because Supply will be really low and demand will be really high.

In the announcement. Apple says that their VR headsets will cost around $500, and there Aungment Reality headsets will be for about 2000 dollars, because they need to fit many things in their glasses. But still, they need to be slimmest.

I am adding some videos and photos of the Apple are glasses and the virtual reality headset so you can watch these videos and photos to get an idea about.l These products from Apple and I think you should watch these. And if you like this article, please be sure to share somewhere. And comment down that, What would you like to know about any Tech Gadget from us?

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