Minimum 15GB Airtel Free Data Offer (Working!!!)

 MinimuAirtel Getfree mdata 15GB Airtel Free Data In Airtel Free Data Offer By Airtel Bharti. Get Upto 30Gb Airtel Free Data To Use Lightning Fast Airtel. Just Read Full Article To Get It Now

Airtel Free Data Tips

Airtel free data: Are you trying to get some airtel free data to use the internet from Airtel? but have not got any real and working tips on Airtel free data on Airtel 4G mobile phones.

Then do not worry today I am going to give you some tips on how to get free airtel data on any airtel sim card or number.

Because we all need to find different kinds of information and other things from the Internet, so the internet is so  much more important to us

And if it is to be said that we all know that the Airtel network gets very good internet speed and that is why we use the internet a lot of times by downloading any kind of video or different files

And because of this, when we have to download some other file or if there is any different information we want from the internet. We do not have sufficient internet data in our airtel account.

And that’s why I am telling you some such methods in today’s article so that all of you will get Airtel internet data on Airtel’s SIM card free.

So that you will find the Internet to browse the internet more.

So, friends, our first way to get Airtel free data is 10GB of Airtel free data which is given to you for 1 month and there is no such obstacle in how much you have to use in 1 day.

1. 10GB Airtel Free Data Offer

If you want to enter in a single day, you can use as much internet as you like.

To access the internet for free in this manner you must call from your Airtel mobile number at 5999555

When you call this number, your phone will be picked up by the computer and will be cut off immediately.

Immediately after cutting the phone you will see a message on your phone.

That you have gotten 10GB Airtel free data usage.

Now What You Have To do With Airtel Free Data?

Just Enjoy It…

2.  13GB Airtel Free Data Offer For All Airtel Users

Friends, our second way is Free Airtel Data Offer for all, we get free internet of 13gb

This Airtel Internet is also available to you for a full month, in which there is no obstacle to you. You have to spend that internet in 1 day or you can use it throughout the month as long as possible.

To use this offer, you will need to activate the offer with your Airtel SIM card by calling the number given below

When you call, this call will automatically be deducted. like automatically after the computer has been taken in the same way as the previous call.

The numbers to which you have to call 13 GB free Airtel data to get. it is written in big letters here, you can copy it from here or you can call the number by dialing on your dial pad.

Call at 51111

After calling this number, you will receive the same message on your mobile phone as you came by calling the previous number.

In which it will be written that you have been given 13GB of Airtel free data and you can use it for full 1 month.

If you have not used a month later, then the outstanding internet data will become inactive

Now you must be thinking,

Can you dial this number every month and get 13 GB of Airtel internet for free

So, friends, I want to tell you all that if you use this offer once, you will not be able to use it again

And if you also try, then you will get a message from Airtel, in which it will be written that once you have used this offer and you can not use this offer anymore.

But it is not at all that if you want to use this offer again, you can not

You can use it again but for that, you have to wait 6 months

Because all these offers are reset every 6 months

3. Airtel Free Data Offer On MY AIRTEL APP

Friends, our third way is to get free Airtel data that is to download and install My Airtel app.

Airtel gives 1GB of free Airtel Internet when you install the My Airtel app

To avail of this offer, you will have to download and install the My Airtel app and then register it with your Airtel mobile number.

After registering in my Airtel app. when you will verify your OTP and fill some important details

Then you will be given free 1GB internet by Airtel.

Which you can use up to a full month

And this can be taken only once, just like all other offers.

4. Airtel Free Data With My Airtel Tv App

Friends, our fourth way is to get Airtel free data like that of my Airtel application.

You also need to download an app provided by Airtel from the Play Store and then register it.

Friends this app is My Airtel TV

From this application, for a while, TVs can be viewed on your mobile free of charge.

But after that, you have to pay to watch TV on your mobile

And for the promotion of this application and to get installed by more and more people, Airtel has kept a new offer.

In which you will have to download this My Airtel TV app and register by calling your Airtel Mobile

When you are verifying your Airtel number

You will be given 1GB free data for free

And it is not necessary that the internet that you got to run My Airtel Live TV application

You can not use it somewhere else

1GB internet you can use whenever you want

Now that you’ve downloaded the My Airtel TV app once

I have also registered my mobile number through my Airtel TV app.

So now you will not be able to get free 1GB Internet Airtel again at that number

If you want to put a second Airtel SIM card in your mobile phone and take 1GB of free Airtel Internet

So this will not be possible. Because when you install the application, your device goes to the property Airtel

Because of which if you create a new account on My Airtel TV by putting a second Airtel SIM card in your mobile

You are not given any airtel free data

5. Airtel Free Data Offer to Get Free 500MB Airtel internet

Friends, our fifth and final method is to use Airtel Free Data

That is by my airtel music app.

Which gives you 500 MB Airtel Internet that is absolutely free

To avail this offer you must download Airtel Music Application

After you sign up after verifying that you have verified your OTP by mobile

You will get  free airtel internet.

Airtel Free Data can be used up to 500 MB

This offer was launched by Airtel to promote their Airtel Music application.

In this way, you get 500MB 3G 4G internet to listen to songs on Airtel Music application so that you can stream online music to the Airtel Music app.

Many other applications have been launched by Airtel, in which more and more internet is being given in this way

If you want to use the internet for free using all those apps by downloading my Airtel app

Learn about all other apps in the My Jackpot option.

Final Words For Airtel Free Data

In this article, I told you how you can get Airtel free data for your mobile phone or any other device. If you still do not understand how to get Airtel free data or if you want to get more Airtel free data and want to use the free Airtel internet, then you can tell us what your question is in the comments and if you have liked the article of this Airtel Free Data so you can subscribe by submitting your email ID to our website’s Subscription Box so that you can send us our Notification of other articles written by e-mail will be received.

And if you want to help us, you can also share this article on your social media handles.

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Thank you for reading…

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